Why not?

The NFL recently encouraged every team to consider this question: In terms of winning the next Super Bowl, “Why Not Us?”

Posing the question this way ignites hope in even the most unlikely circumstances. Somehow it brings to mind what every tried and true football fan knows – a miraculous moment can manifest at any time causing a monumental momentum shift, making The Big Game anyone’s to win.

By the way dedicated fans tackle this question below, one thing is clear. This hope is powerful. Some rely on statistics for it while others go deep. Some go way back to find it while others look to the future to see it. Some scramble with it; others grab it and run. It may not always be easy to find but, just like the football under a huge pile of players, it’s there somewhere.

After you read the responses, consider this… Have you ever found yourself on the sidelines of a game, talking yourself out of running onto the field? Maybe you want to write a book or run a marathon but it seems out of your reach? Try presenting it to yourself this way: Why Not do it?

Over the last few years, several people have suggested that I start a blog. It wasn’t until I thought about it this way that I considered it a real possibility. Why Not start a blog? I’m an educator so I know a thing or two about writing. My passion for my profession is only rivaled by my passion for football. I’ve effectively used football analogies to empower my students on many occasions. Hmmm… could I do this?

Yes I can. And here I am. My hope is tucked securely under my arm. With some last minute advice from my husband, “Whatever you do, hold onto the ball!!” I am running onto the field. Hope to see you out there.

Why not the 49ers?
Unquestionably the best linebacking core when healthy. Stevie Johnson and a healthy Michael Crabtree should significantly improve a pass offense that relied too heavily on only Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin last year.
Carlos Hyde can learn under Frank Gore and could very well come into his own and start by the end of the year. (I predict he could become a top-tier running back very soon). With the inevitable return of Alex Boone the 49ers have an offensive line that can protect against the most potent of pass rushers. Colin Kaepernick is poised to breakout since he has never had this many weapons on offense before. The secondary is the only true question mark on the team but with time and the 49ers fearsome front seven as long as they become adequate it should be good enough.

B. Roche

Why not the Eagles?
We have been to the playoffs 10 times in the last 15 years, appeared in 5 NFC Championships, and went to 2 Super Bowls since 1980. Now that we have a smart coach and a solid team, I say, “Why not the Eagles?”

J. Monacci

Why not the Cowboys?
I simply can’t answer your question. .. The Cowboys have under achieved for years. Ever since the ownership decided to also become general manager. With nobody to answer to the general manager position is a farce. Jerry Jones has turned the team into a .500 team. His lack of knowledge and his abysmal drafting has left the team searching for answers. The once Doomsday Defense is now a joke. But having said that they are the 1st franchise to top 3 billion dollars in value and have the highest revenue in the NFL just about every year so maybe Jerry’s not so crazy. Success on paper but not on the field…not what I and every other fan care about. But come opening Sunday I will have the TV on rooting for my Boys…and I’ll probably say Why not the Cowboys. .. haha.

J. Mormando 

Why not the Dolphins?
They have a young and mobile QB who can make plays out of the pocket and very deep wide receiving corps. The DB’s were in the top 5 of lowest TD receptions by opponents.

That’s the positive, now with truth serum.  I could get through the offensive line and the Patriots are still in their way! Passing offense looks much improved, but the Phins run offense is awful.

C. Jones 

Why not the Colts?

The Colts team and organization are not just a bunch of people. They are a true family who believe in the word TEAM and know that amazing things can be done when people join together for a common goal. Not only do they play for a common goal and believe in family but they have heart. The never say die attitude runs deeper in Colts than in the deepest waters. Point to that statement: the Colts – Chiefs game. You look at the sidelines, no heads down, play until the last whistle blows. Plus, LUCK is on our side. Get the pun? All joking aside, Andrew LUCK is the heart of the Colts. His elegance, awareness, skill and heart show we are a team to be dealt with. We might not have all the bought talent but we have luck. Plus, our emblem is a horseshoe and those are always lucky.

D. Hardison 

Why not the Raiders?
I gave it a lot of thought and decided that the Raiders are at least 3-4 years away from making a run for the SB. They have just started the “rebuild” and are a very young team mixed with some senior vets who will be gone in 1-3 yrs. I do expect them to improve this year but that isn’t saying much. If they don’t, we will see a change in H C and Gen Mgr.
So Why not the Raiders ? 3-4 years away for sure.
One last thought. I believe that Jon Gruden’s TV contract is up after this year and he has been a consultant to Mark Davis for last couple of years?  A re-run ????

E. Oberer


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