A (better) Moment

In a dominant win over their division rival Washington Redskins, Larry Donnell became the first Giants tight end since 1962 to have three touchdowns in one game. In other words, he had a moment. Watching him get interviewed after the game, he knew it. His gratitude for it was crystal clear.

Throughout the game and in the days to follow, sports commentators provided details regarding his history in the league. The word used to describe him that stood out to me most was ‘undrafted.’

Undrafted means Larry Donnell never had the draft day stage moment. He didn’t hold up a jersey next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and get his picture taken. It means he didn’t have his draft day TV moment; the one featuring him getting a phone call at home, with his family and friends huddled around him, hooting and hollering. I don’t know where he was, what he was doing, or what he expected. All I know is what undrafted means; there was no draft day moment.

Larry Donnell had a moment in the Washington game, that’s for sure. Dare I say, maybe it was a better one. There’s also every reason to believe there are more moments to follow.

Many draft day moments did not play out the way famous NFL elite players thought they would. Just ask Dan Marino, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. However, for the one moment that fell short of their expectations, I’ll bet many others exceeded them. And there’s something to be said for those history making moments no one saw coming.

Success stories no one saw coming are one of the many reasons why we love football. There’s always a chance that the back-up quarterback who was never supposed to play will win a Super Bowl, a third string receiver will make a miracle catch that changes the momentum of a game or a special teams player no one has ever heard of will return a kick-off for a game winning touchdown.

I believe we love these stories because they offer all of us hope. Last year, I poured my heart and soul into a project. To say that the end result disappointed me is an understatement. I would even say at this point, it appears that I have nothing to show for my efforts. But I am keeping the faith.

Maybe certain moments didn’t play out the way I had imagined. But maybe this story isn’t over yet. Maybe the setbacks are really set-ups for better moments. And, who knows, maybe this will be a success story I never saw coming.

Here’s what I do know: As long as I stay on the field, with hope tucked securely under my arm, anything is possible. That’s exactly what I am going to do.


One thought on “A (better) Moment

  1. I hope your audience is not just the adults witnessing the beauty of belief but the children of our future. They are the ones that need it and will have remarkable futures. The adults need these stories to be reminded to live outside our comfort zone…that is when living truly begins.


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